10 Best Colleen Hoover Books

In the pantheon of modern storytellers, few can claim a throne as universally esteemed as Colleen Hoover. It’s not just her gripping narratives that captivate; it’s her profound understanding of the human heart. Her books are not mere pages bound together; they are living, breathing entities that beckon us to immerse ourselves in love, loss, and the intricate dance in between. As we approach this list of her ten best works, we do so knowing full well that each novel is a tapestry of raw emotions, woven with threads of relentless passion and the kind of prose that doesn’t just tug at your heartstrings—it plays them like a master violinist.

But what makes a “best” book? Is it the tears shed in the quiet corners of a bustling cafe, the laughter that escapes unexpectedly in a silent room, or the profound silence that falls as the final page turns? Perhaps it’s all of this and more. Our selection is a reflection of the impact these stories have had on their readers and the literary world. They are the tomes that have triumphed in book clubs, soared on bestseller lists, and, most importantly, taken residence in the hearts of those who have ventured into their depths.

As we delve into this compilation, let’s ponder on the essence of storytelling, the art of connection, and the immutable truth that in every fictional journey Colleen Hoover takes us on, we uncover pieces of our own story staring back at us. The best books are those that mirror our realities, after all.

“It Ends with Us” (2016)

In the realm of fiction, “It Ends with Us” is not just a book; it is a revolution cloaked in pages, a bold declaration in the quietest of whispers. Colleen Hoover gifts her readers a narrative that is as beautiful as it is brutal, a story that lingers long after the last word is devoured. With Lily Bloom as our North Star, we navigate the complexities of love that both lifts and, at times, seeks to suffocate. This novel, in its unflinching confrontation of domestic violence, does not aim to simply tell a story—it aspires to unearth truths, to hold a mirror up to society and challenge us to look deeper. The accolades and the tears shed by readers are a testament to its resonant power. It is a book that demands courage, both in its reading and in its repercussions; a courageous book that has emboldened conversations in book clubs and beyond, marking it as a beacon among Hoover’s esteemed works.

“Verity” (2018)

With “Verity,” Hoover veers into the shadowed corners of romantic thriller with the precision of a seasoned cartographer mapping uncharted territory. Here, we meet Lowen, a writer entangled in the web of a successful novelist’s unfinished series and the harrowing truth hidden within her manuscript. “Verity” is a departure from Hoover’s usual path, and it is this deviation that ensnares the reader in a cobweb of lies, secrets, and moral ambiguity. It’s a novel that holds you hostage, with twists as serpentine as the lies they unfold. The narrative is a crescendo of suspense, each chapter a step deeper into the dark. Critics and readers alike have lauded Hoover for her deft genre-bending, her ability to stitch together a tapestry of thriller and romance in a pattern wholly her own. “Verity” stands not only as a pillar in her catalog but as a bridge to an even wider audience, proving that Hoover’s talent for human connection transcends the boundaries of genre.

“Ugly Love” (2014)

In “Ugly Love,” Colleen Hoover navigates the stormy seas of love’s complexities, charting a course through the high waves of passion and the undercurrents of heartache. Here, Hoover introduces us to Tate and Miles, whose story unfolds with the raw intensity of love that is all-consuming yet forbidden, tender yet tenaciously painful. Through Miles’s past and Tate’s present, Hoover braids a tale that examines the question: How much of ourselves are we willing to lose in the name of love? The narrative is a delicate dance, a push and pull choreographed with such precision that each step, each revelation, is felt in the soul’s recesses. “Ugly Love” resonates with its readers not just as a poignant love story, but as a mirror reflecting our own possible realities, our own ugly truths about the sacrifices we make at the altar of love. It’s a testament to Hoover’s command of the genre, a command that has critics and readers alike returning to the turbulent waters of “Ugly Love” time and time again.

“November 9” (2015)

Colleen Hoover’s “November 9” is a conflagration of fate, timing, and the burning question of what ifs. The novel introduces us to Fallon and Ben, whose lives intersect annually on the titular date, igniting a connection that smolders over the course of several years. With each encounter, Hoover stokes the embers of their relationship, crafting a narrative that explores the transformative power of time and the enduring nature of love. It’s a story that unfolds with the meticulousness of a playwright, each chapter a scene set against the backdrop of a year’s anticipation. Hoover’s talent for evoking emotion is on full display as she delves into the characters’ personal growth and the novel’s meta-commentary on the act of storytelling itself. “November 9” stands out in Hoover’s bibliography as a poignant reminder of the serendipity of life and the redemptive power of love—a theme that resonates with readers and earns its place as a standout novel in her body of work.

“Hopeless” (2012)

Colleen Hoover’s “Hopeless” is an odyssey into the heart’s deepest crevices, where light often fears to tread. This novel, which introduces us to Sky and Dean’s tumultuous romance, is an exploration of the healing power of truth in a world marred by darkness. Hoover’s narrative is an artful descent into the past’s shadowy realms, where secrets lie buried and revelations have the power to both wound and heal. The story’s poignant examination of hope amidst despair resonates profoundly, as readers traverse through Sky’s journey of self-discovery and love’s ability to redeem. It’s a poignant testament to Hoover’s narrative prowess, her ability to craft characters who navigate the labyrinth of the human psyche with a torch of raw honesty. “Hopeless” is not just a foray into romance; it’s a manifesto on the resilience of the human spirit, a theme that reverberates through the echo chamber of her readers’ experiences, earning its place as a cornerstone in her literary edifice.

“Confess” (2015)

“Confess” showcases Colleen Hoover’s unique ability to marry the visual arts with the written word, creating a masterpiece that transcends the page. In this poignant narrative, Hoover weaves a tale around Auburn and Owen, two souls connected by their confessions and the secrets they must keep. Each chapter is a brushstroke that paints a complex picture of love, loss, and the courage to reveal one’s true self. The novel is interspersed with actual confessions contributed by readers, adding a layer of authenticity to the tapestry of the story. Hoover’s prose is a canvas where emotions are not just described but are palpable, where the confessions act as windows into the characters’ souls. “Confess” is a bold stroke in Hoover’s collection, a testament to her ability to innovate within the genre. It is more than a novel; it’s an exhibition of the human condition, compelling readers to confront their own truths—a hallmark of Hoover’s impact on literature and on the hearts she touches with her words.

“All Your Perfects” (2018)

Colleen Hoover’s “All Your Perfects” is an unvarnished look at the imperfections of love and marriage. Through the story of Quinn and Graham, Hoover peels back the glossy veneer of happily ever after to reveal the raw, unspoken trials that test the bonds of commitment. With a narrative that oscillates between the idyllic past and the tumultuous present, Hoover crafts a mosaic of moments that define a relationship’s journey. Her prose delves deep into the heartache of unmet expectations and the silent battles couples face, capturing the essence of despair and the flicker of hope that persists in the face of broken dreams. This novel is a poignant reminder that perfection is not the absence of flaws, but the courage to confront them together. “All Your Perfects” resonates with a profound truthfulness, securing its place in the hearts of readers as a candid exploration of the resilience required to forge a shared future from the fragments of two separate pasts.

“Without Merit” (2017)

In “Without Merit,” Colleen Hoover detours from the path of romance to dissect the anatomy of a family teetering on the edge of collapse. The Voss family is a tableau of eccentricity, each member a satellite in their own orbit, and Merit—the collector of family secrets—holds the narrative thread. Hoover’s storytelling prowess is evident as she unravels the complexities of familial bonds, mental health, and the quest for individual identity amidst collective chaos. This novel is a testament to her versatility, a bold narrative that strays into the territory of dark comedy while maintaining the emotional depth characteristic of her work. “Without Merit” challenges readers to consider the weight of secrets, the cost of honesty, and the redemptive power of understanding and forgiveness. It’s a standout in Hoover’s oeuvre, celebrated for its daring deviation and its poignant grasp of the paradox that is family: the people who have the power to wound us the most are also the ones capable of healing us.

“Maybe Someday” (2014)

“Maybe Someday” strikes a unique chord in Colleen Hoover’s repertoire, harmonizing the silent rhythm of sign language with the universal language of music. This novel introduces us to Sydney and Ridge, who compose a poignant duet of hearts finding harmony in the most unlikely circumstances. Hoover orchestrates a narrative that explores the complexity of relationships, the ethics of the heart, and the melodies that can emerge from the cacophony of life’s challenges. With an innovative soundtrack that accompanies the book, readers are not only invited to delve into the story but to listen to it, to experience the characters’ emotions through another sensory dimension. The novel’s exploration of the symbiotic relationship between love and creativity resonates with an authenticity that echoes beyond the final page. “Maybe Someday” is not merely a book but a multimedia experience that plays upon the soul’s strings, cementing Hoover’s status as a maestro of literary innovation.

“Slammed” (2012)

“Slammed,” Colleen Hoover’s debut novel, bursts onto the literary scene with the force of a spoken word slam, where every emotion is a verse, every heartache a stanza. In this narrative, we follow Layken and Will, two young souls who find solace and expression in the evocative world of slam poetry. Hoover’s raw storytelling captures the intensity of first love and the pain of unexpected obstacles with a candidness that is both refreshing and relatable. The novel is not just a story; it’s a rhythm, a pulse that beats to the revelations of life and the impact of poetry as a means of coping and healing. “Slammed” resonates with readers as a testament to the power of words, the resilience of young love, and the indomitable spirit of youth. Hoover’s entrance into the literary world with “Slammed” is as unforgettable as the poignant performances within its pages, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of readers and setting the stage for a career marked by depth, connection, and emotional truth.


Colleen Hoover’s novels are more than stories; they are experiences that resonate on a frequency that speaks to the core of our very being. Hoover’s books, much like life itself, are a mosaic of the beautiful and the painful, the hopeful and the desolate. Her writing not only touches hearts but also teaches us that within the bindings of each novel lie lessons on love, loss, and the human capacity for resilience. It’s clear why her works have found a home on bookshelves across the world: they remind us of the power of fiction to reflect and reshape our realities.

Which of these stories have etched themselves into the canvas of your life? Which characters have become silent confidants, and which narratives have altered the way you view the world? Share your experiences, your rankings, and your journey through Hoover’s works in the comments below.

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