Unlocking Your Creativity by Embracing Influence: 10 Insights from “Steal Like an Artist”

In the journey of personal and professional development, creativity often seems like a mystical force, accessible only to the chosen few. However, Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” demystifies this notion and serves as a beacon for those yearning to unlock their creative potential. Here, we distill the essence of Kleon’s wisdom into practical insights, urging you to embrace influence as the bedrock of creativity.

1. Redefining Originality

Kleon challenges the traditional concept of originality, arguing that all creative work builds on what came before. Embrace the idea that nothing is completely original, and you’ll free yourself from the paralyzing pursuit of novelty. Instead, focus on integrating and reinterpreting existing ideas in a way that reflects your unique perspective.

2. Your Influences are Your Foundation

Acknowledge the artists and creators who inspire you. By studying their work, you’re not copying but learning their techniques and approaches. This process lays the groundwork for developing your style, as your influences naturally blend and evolve within your work.

3. The Art of Curated Borrowing

Kleon advocates for what he calls “curated borrowing” – the selective integration of elements from various sources. This isn’t about plagiarism but about synthesizing diverse influences to create something new and meaningful. It’s about connecting dots from different realms to forge new paths.

4. The Creative Network

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It thrives in a network of ideas, influences, and interactions. Surround yourself with a diverse range of voices and perspectives, and remain open to the serendipity of discovering connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.

5. Embrace the Analog

In an age dominated by digital tools, Kleon highlights the importance of analog processes in the creative workflow. Sketchbooks, journals, and even doodles can play a crucial role in the incubation of ideas. These tangible methods encourage a different mode of thinking, often leading to unexpected breakthroughs.

6. Side Projects and Hobbies

Don’t underestimate the power of side projects and hobbies. They provide a creative outlet free from the pressures of your main work, allowing you to explore new ideas and techniques. Often, it’s these experimental spaces where your most innovative ideas are born.

7. The Geography of Creativity

Your environment influences your creative output. Kleon suggests creating a space that caters to both digital and analog modes of work. Design your workspace to inspire and accommodate the flow of ideas, making sure it reflects your personality and creative needs.

8. Routine and Discipline

While creativity might seem to thrive on chaos, Kleon emphasizes the importance of routine and discipline. Establishing a daily practice, even if it’s just a few minutes a day, can provide the structure necessary for creativity to flourish. Consistency beats intensity when it comes to long-term creative growth.

9. Share Your Work

The act of sharing your work, even in its nascent stages, can be incredibly beneficial. Feedback, engagement, and even criticism can fuel your creative evolution, pushing you to refine and iterate on your ideas.

10. Creativity is for Everyone

Finally, Kleon democratizes creativity. It’s not the exclusive domain of artists and so-called creatives. Whether you’re a teacher, engineer, parent, or anything in between, you have the capacity to innovate and create. It’s about embracing the mindset that creativity is a way of life, not just a skill set.

Embracing Influence: The Key to Unleashing Creativity

“Steal Like an Artist” offers a liberating perspective on creativity, urging us to embrace the influences that shape our work. By acknowledging that all creative endeavors are, in some way, a tapestry of borrowed ideas, we can shed the burden of trying to be wholly original. This acceptance opens the door to a world where creativity is boundless, inviting each of us to explore, experiment, and express in ways that resonate with our unique experiences and perspectives.

Let these insights inspire you to look at your influences in a new light, seeing them not as constraints but as the building blocks of your creative journey. Remember, the act of creating is not about pulling something from nothing, but rather about weaving together the threads of inspiration that life offers us. Embrace this process, and watch as your creative endeavors unfold in ways you never imagined.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through affiliate links on this site.


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