Building Bridges, Not Walls

In the vast landscape of human history, we find diverse examples that affirm the timeless principle of unity. The Roman Empire, for instance, is an emblem of extraordinary power, derived largely from its unprecedented ability to assimilate diverse cultures. Unity in diversity.

However, it’s easy to succumb to the illusion of power, to erect walls rather than bridges, to isolate rather than integrate. Understand: the wall restricts, imprisons, while the bridge connects, liberates. Choose the bridge.

Consider President Abraham Lincoln’s role during the Civil War, a moment where division seemed irreparable. With empathy and tenacity, Lincoln sought unity above all, managing to bridge the chasm of division with his words and actions.

Transcend your barriers, seek the common ground, honor the shared humanity. By building bridges, not walls, we find strength and resilience in the collective, the shared experience.

This journey towards unity demands wisdom. To that end, I recommend “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters” by Priya Parker. It offers a refreshing perspective on creating meaningful, unifying connections.

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